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1200KW Vertical Coal Fired Thermal Oil Boilers

2400KW Coal Fired Thermal oil heater use coal as fuel, the thermal oil is heated in the tube. Using the circulating pump to force the liquid thermal oil circulation,and then trans ...
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2400KW Coal Fired Thermal oil heater use coal as fuel, the thermal oil is heated in the tube. Using the circulating pump to force the liquid thermal oil circulation,and then transporting the heat to the thermal equipment. At last, the oil return back the thermal oil heater. All heaters are assembly structure which is easy for installation by just connecting system device by pipes. Intelligent system control makes coal fired thermal oil boiler operation easier and more simple. Controller with imitation screen display has auto igniting, burning, circulation pumps control, alarm functions.

Advantage Feature of 2400KW Coal Fired Thermal Oil Boilers

As we know, both water and steam are used as heat carriers in process heating systems. But at temperatures above 100℃, water and steam requires a corresponding higher operating pressure. In industrial heating this high temperature level is often a demand. In order to achieve the necessary high output of the process, you must design very high pressures steam boiler or water heater and this cost is very high and danger.


Thermal oil boilers, a special oil-based thermal fluid are used as the heat carrier – instead of water or steam. This thermal fluid-also called heat transfer fluid – operates at atmospheric pressure all the way up to 300℃. Thermal oil offers the user high temperature at very low pressures.

Specification of YGL 1200KW Coal Fired Thermal Oil Boilers

  • Model:YGL-1200MA
  • Rated thermal power:1200kw (1000000kcal)
  • Thermal efficiency:78.17%
  • Pressure:1.1Mpa
  • Working pressure:0.8Mpa
  • Max. temperature:320℃
  • Pipe DN: 100mm
  • Circulation oil volume:100m3/h
  • Fuel: Coal or Waste Wood
  • Fuel consumption: 634.89 kg/h wood
  • Dimension: 2050x2050x4415mm
  • Weight: 6100kg

1000000Kcal Coal Fired Thermal Oil Boiler Equipment List

NO. Name Model Unit Quantity Remark
Combustion system
1 Combustion chamber YGL-1200MA set 1
2 Chimney ф300 miter 12
3 blower 4–72–3.2A set 1 2.2kw
4 Induced draft fan Y6 – 41-11-7.1C set 1 15kw
5 Dust catcher set 1
6 Srew Set 1
Circulation system
1 Boiler YGL-1200F set 1
2 Circulation pump RY100-65-200 set 2 22KW, 100m3/h H=50
3 Filling pump KCB55 set 1 1.5KW
4 Filter DN125 set 1
5 Oil/gas separator machine DN125 set 1
6 Expansion tank 1.5m3 set 1
7 Oil storage tank 6m3 set 1
Instrument Control System
1 Electric control cabinet set 1
2 Bimetallic thermometer WSS511 piece 2 0-300degree
3 Platinum resistance WZP220,PT100 piece 2 0-400degree
4 Pressure gauge YX-150,1.5Grade piece 2 0-1.6MPa
5 Water Level Controller UQK-02 piece 1 Expansion tank
6 Glass plate level gauge High 600,Low 800 pair 1 expansion/Oil storage tank
7 Thermometer beam M27*2 piece 2
8 Thermal resistance beam M27*2 piece 1
9 Pressure gauge bundle M20*1.5 piece 2
10 Pressure gauge buffer tube M20*1.5 piece 2
11 Pressure Gauge Valve M20*1.5 piece 2
Software information
1 Quality certificate
2 Factory data


Parameter Table of Vertical Coal Thermal Oil Boilers

Type YGL-120F YGL-240F YGL-350F YGL-500F YGL-700F
10*104Kcal 20*104Kcal 30*104Kcal 40*104Kcal 60*104Kcal
Rated Power kW 120 240 350 500 700
Thermal Efficiency %                          ≥73
Pressure Mpa 1.1 1.1 1.1 1.1 1.1
Max. Temp. °C 340 340 340 340 340
Circulation Oil m3/h 12.5 20 30 40 60
Pipe DN 50 50 65 65 100
System Power kW 6.7 10 14.1 14.1 23.5
Fuel Waste Wood, Biomass
Fuel Weight kg/h 61 128 191 267 375
Dimension Diameter 1150 1300 1700 1700 1960
Height 2385 2650 3060 3475 3805
Total Weight kg 1560 1960 3520 3800 4900


Vertical Coal Fired Thermal Oil Boiler Working Flow


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