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Molten Salt Heater

7000KW Coal Fired High Temperature Molten Salt Heaters

Coal Fired High Temperature Molten Salt Heaters is used for high temperature heating. With coal as fuel, molten salt as heat carrier, RYL series Coal Fired High Temperature Molten ...
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Coal Fired High Temperature Molten Salt Heaters is used for high temperature heating. With coal as fuel, molten salt as heat carrier, RYL series Coal Fired High Temperature Molten Salt Heaters sends the hot liquid molten salt by circulation pump to the heating using equipment, and then returns the liquid back to the furnace for heating again. It is a special industrial heater under direct liquid circulation. In a high temperature of 350 – 500 ℃, Thermal oil heater cannot be used and only molten salt heat carrier can reach such high temperature.


The whole system is composed of heating furnace, circulation pump, melting slot. The molten salt in the melting slot is pumped into the heating furnace by the circulation pump for heating, and then is pumped into the using equipment in a certain temperature. The molten salt will return back into the melting slot after supplying the heat. Molten Salt Heaters can be used under lower operating pressure and gets higher operating temperature. The heat supplying temperature is stable and can be adjusted accurately. It works stably within adjusted load section and keeps optimum thermal efficiency. It possesses the characteristics of complete operating control and safety monitoring device etc.

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Layout Drawing of Coal Fired Molten Salt Heaters


8200KW Coal Fired Molten Salt Heater


Parameter Table of Coal Fired Molten Salt Heaters

Model RYL-1200Y RYL-2000Y RYL-2400Y RYL-3000Y RYL-3500Y RYL-4600Y RYL-6000Y
Rated Power Kcal 100*104 160*104 200*104 250*104 300*104 400*104 500*104
Kw 1400 1900 2400 3000 3500 4600 6000
Thermal Efficiency % % ≥68(not include waste heat recovery)
Rated Pressure Mpa 1.1
Molten Salt Temerture 450
Molten Salt Volume m3/h 80 90 100 120 140 160 250
Connection Diameter DN 125 150 200 250
Power Consumption Kw 80 90 100 120 120 160 240
Height mm 4200 6700 7000 7600 7800 8400 9600
Diameter mm 1800 2200 3000 3000 3250 3400 3500
Weight kg 7000 10000 15000 20000 26000 34000 46000


Molten Salt Heater Production Equipment


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